Our Leading Pastors

Scott and Gena have been married for 45 years and have two grown daughters. After serving in the helps ministry for a number of years, they both came to the realization that God had greater things in store for them. While attending Kenneth Hagin Ministries Campmeeting in Tulsa, OK, in July 1992, Scott received the call to pastor. After returning home to Garland, TX, Scott and Gena began making plans to pick up their family and move to Broken Arrow, OK, to attend RHEMA Bible Training College. By October 1992, they had relocated to Tulsa, OK, and were ready to start training to fulfill the call God had placed on their life.


Both Scott and Gena graduated from RHEMA Bible Training College in May of 1995, with Scott focusing his studies in the Pastor’s Group, and Gena focusing her studies in the Teacher’s Group. At RHEMA, they were involved in multiple areas of the ministry of helps. Upon graduation, they both worked for Kenneth Hagin Ministries serving in various capacities until May of 2005.


In 2001, Scott and Gena began to feel the tug of the Holy Spirit to step out in faith and pastor a church. After searching for four years, God opened the door for them to pastor Faith Bible Church in June of 2005.


Since that time, Pastor Scott and Gena have continued to preach and teach the uncompromised Word of God in order to make believers and grow believers faith that they might live in the blessings of God.

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KidZ Place Children's Pastor

Rebecca Kirk is married to Nathan Kirk and has four children. Rebecca spent most of her life being pulled to children's ministry, first starting as a {insert position} at {insert church} in {texas one?}. From there she moved onto {another place?}. 

However, after moving in {insert year}, she spent time searching around Prague, Oklahoma for a church to call her home. 

That's when she stumbled upon Faith Bible Church. She felt pulled by God to seek for a position in the KidZ Place, first starting as an assistant to the previous children's pastor. In {insert year}, she started her studies at Rhema {insert full name} studying {Children's Ministry?}, and completed her {degree?} in {insert year}. She was also {ordained?} following this period. When the previous children's pastor retired, Rebecca assumed the position and took on the full responsibilities of a children's pastor. She has a deep passion for giving children a place to thrive in their faith and grow in God's love. 

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Nitro Youth Pastor{s?}

Our current youth pastors are {insert name} and {insert name}. They joined the church in {insert year} following {insert why}. they felt pulled to do this because {insert reasoning}.  

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